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It's Real Simple...

I found these in my magazine at lunch today and thought I would share:

In lieu of the New Year, Real Simple magazine has a brilliant piece with lists by several classic celebrities.

What is on their to-do list for 2009, you ask?

JK Rowling
- Stare expectantly at fireplace.
- Give up; light fire.
- Recite mantra: No more magic.
- Sit down to work. Open folder:
"Larry Porter and the List of Decidedly Non-Magical Book Ideas."
- Break for lunch. Stare expectantly at package of sandwich bread.
- Give up; make sandwich.
- Decide which Harry Potter character should come out of the closet next.
- Do dishes.
- Roll in money.

Bill Gates
*circa 1975
- Clean out work space in garage.
- Finish term paper... Never mind.
- Have heart-to-heart with girlfriend; find out why she thinks I have trust issues.
- Finish reading that Andrew Carnegie biography.
- Give spare change to UNICEF kid.
- Work on plan for new high-tech computer monitor that can display color other than green or amber.
- Get refund from that psychic who said I'd have a career in "windows."
- Find a bowl. It's time for haircut!

::hysterically laughing::


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(Deleted comment)
Dec. 13th, 2008 05:02 pm (UTC)
I know, right?

I vote Sirius Black- at least make the poor boy swing both ways!!
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