Beautiful Disaster

... or something like it

8 June 1984
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One of a Kind
•The Mind
Laura. Laura Jane. Lady Prongs. Lovely Lily. Married. Oklahoman. Fangirl. Dreamer. Dork. Writer. Thinker. Lover. Comedian. Fighter. Fic Whore. Intelligent. Absent-minded. Passionate. Vulgar. Opinionated. Impulsive. Clever. Dimwitted. Southern. Pretends to know about politics. Plays in the rain. Future mother. Wannabe pirate. Makes her own music. Obsessed with notebooks.
•The Shelf
Austen. Bronte. Niffenegger. Picoult. Cabot. Rowling. Patterson. Meyer. Albom. Gaiman. Berdoll. Dante. Hamilton.

Prefer:Angst. Drama. Erotica. Adventure. Fluff. UST. Swordplay. Unecessary violence. Saving the girl. Magic. Old world. Introspection.
•The Headphones
Maroon 5. the Killers. Dave Mathews Band. Hinder. John Mayer. Jason Mraz. Elisa. Brandi Carlile. Missy Higgins. Three Days Grace. Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack. Anything by John Williams. Han Zimmer. Gregson-Williams. Barber. Morricone.
•The Boob Tube
Lost. Grey’s Anatomy. Top Chef. Smallville. Heroes. House.

I’m not into TV that much.
•The Big Screen
The Painted Veil. Hook. Stardust. Robin Hood: Men in Tights. Boondock Saints. Pride and Prejudice. Pirates. Chronicles of Narnia. 28 Days Later. Tristan and Isolde. The Family Man. X-men. The Wedding Singer.
•The Obsession
Harry Potter

Loves: Marauders. James Potter. Lily Evans. Sirius Black. Remus Lupin. Marly McKinnon. James/Lily. James/Lily/Sirius. James/Sirius. Werewolves. Accio library!sex. Hippogriffs. Marauder pr0n. Redheads. Ginny Weasley. Harry Potter. Harry/Ginny.
Hates: All things Snape. Hagrid. Lubrication Spells. Harry/Draco. David Thewlis. Awkward pumpkin patches. Ron/Hermione. OBHWF. Lily!Sues. Marauder “Fan Clubs.”


Loves: Edward Cullen. Jasper Cullen. Edward/Bella. Edward/Me. Stupid Shiny Volvos. Vampire Baseball. Quiet Meadows. Crooken smiles. Claire de Lune. Evil Volturi.
Hates: Isabella Swan. Forks Highschool. Jacob Black. Giant werewolves. Bad grammar. Redundancy.
•The Portal
MySpace., Facebook.. Del.ici.ous. FFnet. URorg.
Profile Codes

BPA18 MOP1* LE+ SS- B+++++++QB M+++++ C+ FF+| LE|JP! LE|SB- JP|LE|SB-

writing is love
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The Stories
How to Forget
James/Rosmerta, NC-17
Summary: James has had enough of chasing Lily around. There’s only once place where he can forget her.

A Truth Universally Known, Part I
James/Lily, R
Summary: It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife." -Jane Austen

The Way It Should Be.
James/Lily/Sirius, NC-17


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